Things to do in Lanzarote

Things to do in Lanzarote
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Things to do in Lanzarote

What to see and do in Lanzarote

Everything that you can see and do in Lanzarote is in reach. Thanks to the island’s dimensions and the various tours in Lanzarote that we offer, you will be able to discover all of its charms during your holiday. Keep reading and we’ll show you all the sites that you will see and the experiences you will enjoy during your holiday.

Main attractions

Let’s begin by giving you some ideas about stuff you can do in Lanzarote that make it an exciting island.

1.- Camel ride 

The volcanic origin of the island can be seen in almost all its corners, but its wildest and most spectacular aspect can be enjoyed during a visit to Timanfaya National Park and the area known as the Mountains of Fire. The ideal complement to this visit is to feel like an authentic explorer in inhospitable territory by going on a camel ride through Timanfaya. This activity is ideal for people of all ages.

Camel ride through the Timanfaya National Park

2.- Navigate around Lanzarote

Another star activity to do during your holiday is to go on a boat trip in Lanzarote along the coast or to visit the nearby islands of La Graciosa, Isla de Los Lobos or Fuerteventura. And regardless of where you go in the different types of boats that make these tours, you will certainly enjoy great views, and even catch sight of playful dolphins.

3.- Go on a Jeep excursion

Jeep safaris allow you to enjoy an adventure and go to places where no other type of vehicle can travel. Going to Papagayos Beach, Famara Beach or passing through the Cuervo Volcano can only be done with these types of all-terrain vehicles.

Jeep tour through the south of Lanzarote

4.- Sample local cuisine

You’ll need to satisfy your stomach in the island. And for that, there’s nothing better than savouring the most typical dishes of Lanzarote’s cuisine. The island’s culinary traditions include potatoes with plenty of gravy, gofio, goat meat or the most popular fish stew: the sancocho. And of course, you have to accompany everything with a good wine with the Denomination of Origin Lanzarote.

Bread and sweets from Lanzarote

5.- Go shopping in the Teguise Market

You can also try all of those delicacies in the different restaurants during our visit to the Teguise Market, where you can also go shopping and get to know the island’s folklore. This is the ideal plan for any Sunday morning of the year, which is when the market is open.

Guided tour of the Teguise market

Best places to see and visit in Lanzarote – Points of interest

Volcanoes, beaches, monuments, charming villages, unique landscapes … all that and much more awaits you in Lanzarote, such as:

7.- Timanfaya National Park

Let’s start with the island’s most emblematic corner: Parque National de Timanfaya. It’s an overwhelming place, as if it fell from a distance planet. But on the contrary, it comes from the Earth’s interior, since everything in this landscape is the result of constant volcanic activity on the island.

Guided tour of the Timanfaya National Park

8.- Cueva de los Verdes – Green Caves

Almost everything in Lanzarote is related to volcanoes. The Cueva de los Verdes is part of the same volcanic tube as the famous Jameos del Agua. But here we see the action of nature in a much wilder way. And in fact, inside it is overwhelming to think that this place is the result of a huge air bubble between the lava.

Cueva de Los Verdes

9.- Cesar Manrique Foundation

Anything related to volcanoes and art has to do with Lanzarote’s most illustrious and world-famous artist: Cesar Manrique. He is an avant-garde artist who, after traveling and succeeding abroad, return to work in his native land. He settled in Tahíche, in a house that he designed and lived in for 20 years. Today, this house hosts the Cesar Manrique Foundation, where you can find out about his work.

10.- Jameos del Agua

During your holiday in Lanzarote, it is practically an obligation to see different works by Cesar Manrique, and among these perhaps the most spectacular is his intervention in the Jameos del Agua. It is a place of volcanic origin that he transformed into an auditorium, pools and a unique experience. You will be surprise by the tiny albino crabs of the pool. Nature and art shake hands here. 

Cave of Los Jameos del Agua

11.- Laguna Verde – Green Lagoon

The volcanic landscapes are surprisingly varied. That can be appreciated around the island, especially in places such as the unique Green Lagoon in the town of Golfo. It is a lake located next to the ocean. In fact, its waters are a filtration of the sea, but its intense green colour comes from some unique algae. Another name for the Laguna Verde is Charco de los Clicos

Charco Verde in Lanzarote

12.- LagOmar

We once again invite you to discover another work by Manrique: the exquisite house called LagOmar. This house was also designed by the artist, but its fame is due above all to his most famous owner, who gives it its name: the Hollywood actor Omar Sharif. He fell in love with the house as soon as he saw it, and bought it. However, very soon after, he lost it betting on cards.

13.- Los Hervideros

Lanzarote has a coastline that alternates between rugged areas and cliffs with beaches. The Hervideros belongs to the first group. You cannot swim here. It’s much better to sit and watch as the water is pushed by the force of the waves and spit through the cavities of these rocks.

Bufadero of Los Hervideros

14.- Mirador del Río – River Lookout

Another work by Manrique. He wanted the natural landscape to be the great protagonist of art integrated into nature. And he certainly did in this lookout, from which you can see the island of La Graciosa.

Mirador del Rio in Lanzarote

15.- Salinas del Janubio

This other attraction has a very different character, since the Salinas de Janubio are a place of industry. From here, tons of salt have been extracted, which is essential for the fishing industry on the Canary Islands. However, this use does not mean that it does not have very photogenic views thanks to its brightness, intense colours and geometric shapes.

Salinas del Janubio

16.- Jardin de Cactus – Cactus Garden

This was the last great landscape work Manrique made on his island. In this case he wanted to recover a degraded space. To do so, he resorted to planting diverse types of cactus from all corners of the planet. Today, you can take a walk among thousands of these plants, which have created an evocative natural environment.

Cactus Garden by César Manrique

17.- La Geria

Another interior area related to an unusual planting is La Geria. In this case, we refer to the unique vineyards on the island. A few strains grow in holes made in the volcanic soil, which is as dark as it is fertile, surrounded by stone walls that protect them from the wind. The Malvasia grape vines grow here, which make the Denomination of Origin Lanzarote wines.

Crops of La Geria

18.- Famara Beach

From the attractive town of Teguise, without a doubt the most beautiful beach is Playa de Famara, which closes with the famous Risco behind it. It is a sandy beach, quite fine and with ochre tones, ideal for sunbathing. The typical wind and waves make it ideal for different kinds of surfing, including kite and wind surfing.

Beach of Famara

19.- Papagayo Beach

The most visited and peaceful beach on the island is Papagayo beach, located very close to the tourist town Playa Blanca. There are actually 5 coves with a total length of 2 km, in which the best known is Playa de Papagayo.

Papagayo Beach

20.- Cuervo Volcano

Have you ever thought about entering the crater of a volcano? You can do so in Lanzarote, in the Cuervo Volcano inside Timanfaya National Park. It is not a large volcano, but it is spectacular enough to provide unique sensations when walking through it.

Volcano of Cuervo

21.- La Graciosa Island

This island forms part of the Chinijo Islands and is located to the north of Lanzarote. It is recommended that you do a boat tour to La Graciosa from Lanzarote in order to enjoy its beaches and to get to know this small island.

22.- Isla de Lobos

This island belongs to the territory of Fuerteventura, but it is true that you can do boat tour to Isla de Lobos from Lanzarote. Why is it called Isla de Lobos? Because of the population of sea lions that existed years ago. They no longer exist, but in return the island offers us fantastic coves and a volcanic landscape, desert, wild and crowed by a volcano.

Islote de Lobos

23.- Fuerteventura

If we want to talk about beaches, we have to talk about Fuerteventura, which may have the best beaches in the entire Canary Islands. On the day trip from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura, you can visit the north and centre of the island, with totally different landscapes, and visit its main attraction, Corralejo Natural Park, with a spectacular dune field that borders the famous Corralejo Beach.

As you can see, Lanzarote is full of things to do and interesting places to visit that we hope you enjoy during your stay on the island. Come with your family, with children, with your partner, alone or with friends and discover them during your holidays.

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