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Lanzarote boat trips
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FAQs about boat trips

  • How do I choose the best boat trip for me?

    When choosing a boat trip, keep in mind:

    • Why you’re choosing it: some of the criteria to consider are for example to see dolphins, the places to visit or see, the atmosphere and services on the boat.
    • Your companions: Who are you going on the tour with? The environment, the type of activities, your mobility and that of your companions, or the purpose of the trip can be some conditions you’re your choice. Some outings are suitable for all audiences and others are more suitable if you go as a family and with children, as a couple or with older people.
    • Route: the places you’ll see or visit are determining factors for your choice.
    • Size and type of boat: trips can be made in sailing catamarans, speedboats, ferries and even in a submarine.
    • Water activities and onboard services: boat trips also differ in the type of food and water activities they offer.
    • Pick-up service and place of departure: Even though generally there are pick-up services in the main tourist areas of Lanzarote, not all boats pick up in all areas.
    • Departure times and days: each ship has a departure time and day.
    • Price: check the prices of each boat trip.
  • Why book with OkLanzarote?

    At OkLanzarote we offer you:

    • The best boat tours for guaranteed satisfaction.
    • Personalized treatment. Our Customer Service will be available every day of the year from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. for any questions or incidents.
    • A leisure guide to Lanzarote when you book with us.
    • Best price guaranteed. You won’t find the same excursions for less.
    • Complete information on each excursion.
    • Guaranteed satisfaction as shown by our clients’ comments and evaluations.
  • Where and when will you pick me up? Is the pick-up from my hotel?

    When making a reservation you can tell us the name or address of your accommodation. With this information, we’ll inform you of the nearest collection point within 24 hours along with the collection time.

  • How far in advance should I book the tour?

    If you want to guarantee a spot, book as far in advance as possible as we can fill all the places for the day you’re interested in at any time. Additionally, if you cancel as far in advance as possible, we will refund you for the amount paid as a guarantee.

  • When are boat tours canceled?

    Boat tours are usually canceled due to bad sea conditions or heavy rain (not if it just rains for 2 minutes). In case of cancellations, we’ll try to notify you as far in advance as possible.

  • How can I avoid any possible seasickness?

    Even though people don’t usually get seasick on these boat trips, if you tend to get seasick or think you might, we recommend asking a pharmacy for the best medication, to take it before starting the boat trip.

Boat trips in Lanzarote

Among the different tours in Lanzarote, boat trips will combine sun, sea, relax and beauty.

It’s practically obligatory to do a boat excursion in Lanzarote. You can’t forget that you have visited or are going to visit an island, because the presence of the sea is constant. Therefore you should take the opportunity to not only enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, but also to experience the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds the Canary Islands, sailing in various boats. That is precisely what we offer in our different boat excursions in Lanzarote.

This type of nautical activity is always an adventure. They are quite attractive to all kinds of people, but particularly for families, especially those with children. They are also popular among groups of friends. However, they are also quite appropriate for a romantic trip with your partner, since there are few things more tender than holding hands on a boat deck.

Best Boat trips with pick up service in Costa Teguise, Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca, Costa Calero and Arrecife.

Ultimately, we offer various journeys. For example, you can embark on a ferry in order to discover the neighbouring island Fuerteventura, a place that is related to and yet completely distinct from Lanzarote. Or if you prefer, we can do a boat tour to la Graciosa where we could sail along the north coast of Lanzarote until we arrive at the island of La Graciosa, where a catamaran will allow you to enjoy this islet, part of the Chinijo archipelago, in its full glory. You can swim in the sea away from the coast or do different aquatic activities in order to enjoy an unforgettable day.

Being two different destinations, one two the north and the other to the south of Lanzarote, clearly these nautical excursions set sail from different ports. However, you do not have to worry about this much, since in both cases we will pick you up in the area where you are staying, which is most likely in the tourist zones of Puerto del Carmen, Arrecife, Playa Blanca or Costa Teguise. You do not have to look for boat trips from Playa Blanca, Costa Teguise boat trips or Puerto del Carmen boat tours, only check the pick up options on each tour. Either way, we’ll go there to get you!

So you have no reason not to enjoy this sailing experience with your family, discovering new places on the Canary Islands. You can find everything you need in order to hire these attractive Lanzarote boat excursions right here: the price of the activity, the precise itinerary, the day schedule, the types of boats that you’ll travel on and the different possibilities that will be within your reach throughout the day. In other words, we’ll show you a detailed description of each excursion in Lanzarote so that you can make your online booking with total peace of mind.

However, perhaps you prefer to trust the reviews of other travellers who have already experienced these nautical routes. In that case, you can also read the comments and testimonials from other tourists who have already gone on these sailing trips and who wanted to share with you everything that they enjoyed about the day, which for them became an unforgettable one. And of course, we are sure it will be the same for you. Try it and tell us for yourself!

Dolphin-watching outings

Some of the most exciting boat tours are the dolphin watching tours. Of the 87 species of cetaceans that exist in the world, we can find 30 on the coast of Lanzarote. Don’t miss the feeling of seeing dolphins in the wild, pods of up to 200 dolphins playing around the boat, riding the waves in smaller groups that are sometimes made up of mothers and calves.

Sunset cruise

Boat sunsets certainly have something special. Relax while contemplating the last moments before sunset while accompanied by your partner or anyone special to you.


It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert fisherman or if you want to go fishing for the first time, since the fishing boats in Lanzarote will offer you all the equipment, training and experience so that you can get the most out of your fishing day.

Other Boat Tours in the Canary Islands

If you’re traveling to other islands, check here the boat trips in Gran Canaria and the Fuerteventura boat trips.  

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