Submarine trip in Lanzarote

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime underwater adventure with the Yellow Submarine in Lanzarote. This 1-hour sea journey will take you to the depths of the ocean, where you can experience the stillness of the underwater world and witness the breathtaking beauty of marine life.

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The submarine is designed with comfort and safety in mind. It is 18.5 meters long, 4 meters wide, and 6.5 meters high, and has a capacity of 48 passengers plus crew members. The submarine is powered by environmentally-friendly electric motors and equipped with redundant safety systems and a surface control boat for added security.

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As you dive to depths of 25-30 meters, you will have the opportunity to admire the diverse marine life of the region, including schools of sea breams, atlantic damselfishes, bogues, zebras, striped ,saddled seabreams, parrotfishes, rainbowfishes, sole fishes, garden eels, red mullets, grey mullets  or groupers.

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With large portholes and TV monitors connected to video cameras outside the submarine, you can observe the underwater world in detail.

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Discover an authentic wreck, the Tenderete, an original tuna boat sunken 30 metres deep. This 30-metre-long fishing boat with a steel hull serves as a reminder of the island’s fishing activity.

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At the end of your submarine trip, you’ll get a certificate signed by the captain, as a souvenir of your submarine tour.


We hope that this certificate adds the final touch to a great submarine adventure in Lanzarote, an experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.



Can I take the submarine tour if I have ear problems?

Yes, it is safe to take the submarine tour even if you have ear problems. The interior of the submarine is maintained at normal atmospheric conditions, so it feels no different to being on the surface. Your ears will not be affected.

Is it okay for pregnant women to go on the submarine tour?

Yes, it is safe for pregnant women to take the submarine tour for the same reasons as above.

Will I feel claustrophobic during the submarine safari?

The interior of the submarine is spacious and well-lit, with a central aisle and large viewing windows. It is similar to a small airliner, with seats facing outwards. Most people who feel nervous before diving are fine once they are on board, but the final decision is up to you.

Will I be able to see fish during the trip?

The area is home to a variety of fish of all shapes and sizes. Every day is unique, so we cannot guarantee what types of fish you will see, but you will always see many.

Is transportation included in the price?

Yes, coach transfers to and from your resort are included in the price, with pickup details provided upon booking.

Will I get seasick during the trip?

Being on a submarine is very different from the boat trips. There is no rocking motion, as the submarine sits below the waves, so people who get seasick on a boat will not do so on the submarine tour.

Are there age restrictions for the tour?

Yes, for safety reasons, we cannot take passengers under the age of two years.

How deep will the submarine dive?

The normal diving depth is between 25-30 meters, as this is where most marine life lives. The maximum operating depth is 60 meters.

What are the dimensions of the submarine?

The submarine is 18.5 meters long, 4 meters wide, and 6.5 meters high, and it can accommodate 48 passengers and crew.

Where can I be picked up for the tour?

The submarine offers free pickup service from Costa Teguise, Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca.

Where does the submarine depart from?

The submarine departs from Puerto Calero pier.

Is the submarine tour safe?

Yes, the submarine tour is operated by experienced crew and follows strict safety regulations.

Is the Yellow Submarine accessible for people with mobility issues?

To enter the submarine you must climb down a small ladder (please, see picture of inside the submarine). There is no wheelchair access to the submarine.

What is the maximum depth that the Yellow Submarine can reach?

Even though the maximum operating depth is 60 meters, the tour will only dive up to 30 meters.

In what cases may the submarine tour be canceled?

The submarine tour may be canceled due to poor visibility or bad sea conditions under the surface.

What happens if the company cancels the tour?

If the company cancels the tour due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, they will contact you via email or telephone to provide alternatives.

Is the Yellow Submarine environmentally friendly?

Yes, the Yellow Submarine is completely ecological. Its motors work with electric batteries and do not harm the environment.

The submarine safari departs from Puerto Calero.

Yellow Submarine tour Lanzarote
Yellow Submarine tour Lanzarote


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