Day trip to Fuerteventura from Lanzarote

Enjoy a guided day trip to Fuerteventura from Lanzarote and discover the island’s most interesting places.
Fuerteventura day trip
We will actually begin our excursion by embarking on the ferry, operated by the Fred Olsen Company, which will take us from Playa Blanca, in southern Lanzarote, to Corralejo, in northern Fuerteventura.
Fred Olsen to Fuerteventura from Lanzarote
In barely half an hour, we will have navigated the 14 kilometres that separate these two islands, which were once joined together. The ferry is large, and during the journey you can get something from the cafeteria or enjoy the views from the comfortable lounge chairs or on deck, where you will see Lobos island, a wild and uninhabited island near Fuerteventura that was once inhabited by monk seals, also known as sea lions.
Island of Lobos
We have designed an itinerary that allows us to make the most of our time getting to know the most celebrated places in Fuerteventura in a single day. Keeping in mind that the island is quite large, over 100 kilometres long by 20 wide, it’s impossible to tour it in its entirety in just one day.
View of Corralejo from the sea
Our route through Fuerteventura begins in the northern part of the island at Corralejo, from where we will head toward Oliva, a typical village on the island, on the way to our first stop: the Aloe Vera Centre.
Visit to the Aloe Vera farm

This Aloe Vera plantation is dedicated to cultivating the plant Aloe barbadiensis miller, the most beneficial species for health. During the visit, discover its innumerable medicinal and cosmetic properties, and find out why Fuerteventura is an ideal place for its cultivation.
Explanation of the properties of Aloe Vera
After learning the secrets of Aloe Vera, we will return to the bus to head toward two popular mountains. The first is Montaña Quemada, a small volcanic cone where a monument to the great writer and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno is located. The second is one of the island’s most important natural monuments: Tindaya Mountain. This mountain, declared a Cultural and Geological Interest, was sacred to the aborigines who inhabited the island before the conquest of the Castilian Crown in the 15th century.
Mountain of Tindaya
You will be surprised to find that the centre-most area of Fuerteventura is a desert landscape, with great valleys surrounded by mountains.
Arid landscape of Fuerteventura
Another point highlighted on this excursion is the town of Antigua, which we will cross on our way to our next stop in Betancuria, the island’s first capital and one of the most beautiful towns in our guided tour of Fuerteventura. Discover its charms and get to know the Church of Saint Mary while passing through its streets, where time seems to have stopped.
Betancuria municipalityChurch of Santa Maria

Continuing with the islanders’ religious traditions, we will head toward the Vega del Rio Palma, where the hermitage Our Lady of Suffering is located. This is the most venerated saint of Fuerteventura. On this part of the journey, we will see hundreds of palms from the species Phoenix canariensis, which is endemic to the Canary Islands.
Palm Grove of the Vega del Rio Palma
We will take a lunch break near Pajara. Although food is not included in the price of this excursion to Fuerteventura from Lanzarote, the guide will give you the option to contract a menu during the tour.

After eating, we will begin the return journey to Corralejo in order to get to know the most important attraction in our visit to the island: The Dunes of Corralejo National Park. The start of the dunes will be indicated by the volcanic cone of the Red Mountain, which we will have to cross before arriving in the National Park.
Red MountainNational Park of the Dunes of Corralejo
The Dunes of Corralejo National Park encompasses 2,600 hectares of white sand dunes that come from the beach and whose colour contrasts enormously with the turquoise waters of the surrounding ocean. It is a landscape that transmits peace and beauty.
Visit the Dunes of Corralejo
Beach of Corralejo in Fuerteventura
We are convinced that we have saved the best and most powerful image for the end of the excursion to Fuerteventura, because after this intense day through the island, we will board the Ferry and return to Lanzarote. Without doubt, that final vision of the dunes of Corralejo will be the best memory of this day trip to Fuerteventura.

What time is pick-up and drop-off?
Upon reservation, you’ll find the exact information about the closest pick-up point and time to your accommodation.
In any case, you can find the approximate pick-up and return times here from the various tourist areas:

Area Pick up time Return time
Arrecife 8:55 19:50
Costa Teguise 8:20-8:40 20:00
Playa Blanca 9:10-10:20 19:30
Playa Honda   19:45
Puerto Calero 9:35 19:10
Puerto del Carmen 9:05-9:30 19:15

*Return times are approximate under normal conditions.

How much will it be between being picked up and when the tour starts?
Faced with the option of creating a single meeting point for our convenience or of defining several collection points so you can be picked up at your accommodation or close to it, we have chosen to offer the second option for your convenience. The service is slower, but it will be much more comfortable.

It should be considered that the areas further away from the starting point of the tour are normally the first pick-up areas and the last ones to be dropped off.

Can the described route vary?
On special occasions the routes may vary. Due to road closures and other types of force majeure situations, the itinerary may be modified. In these cases, we’ll try to inform you as far in advance as possible.

Are there stops to eat? When can I reserve my food?
We will make a long stop to eat. Throughout the excursion, the guide will inform you about the restaurant and mealtimes, as well as the different menus that you can reserve.

Restaurants have been selected considering 3 factors: 1.- It should lie within the tour route, so we don’t waste time traveling to other places. 2.- It should have the capacity and space to feed 50 people at the same time in the shortest time possible. 3.- Quality/price of the service.

How is the reservation payment made?
If there are less than 5 people, an amount will have to be paid as a guarantee when making the reservation and the rest will be given to the guide, in cash, when boarding the bus.
If there are more than 5 people, the entire reservation will have to be paid when booking.

How can I pay for the reservation?
Reservations can be paid by credit or debit card or through PayPal

What happens if I get an error message when booking?
Occasionally there may be a problem with your credit card or PayPal account. Please try to reserve again if an error appears, try with another browser or device.
If the reservation is still not completed correctly, contact us through our customer service channels.

How will I know that the reservation was made correctly?
At the end of the reservation, a locator or reservation number will appear and, in less than 5 minutes, you should receive the booking voucher in your email inbox.

What happens if I have not received the reservation voucher?
If you haven’t received an email in your inbox, follow this procedure:

  1. Check your spam or junk mailbox.
  2. Contact us.

How long in advance should we book?
We always recommend booking as far in advance as possible since places are limited, and you could miss out on the excursion.

What happens if, when booking, there are no more places for the day I want to go on the excursion?
If you notice that you’re trying to book in a day shaded orange, that’s because there are no more places left. Try to book for another day or click on that day and fill in the form to add yourself to our waiting list in case there’s a cancellation. In more than 50% of the cases we usually find a solution.

How many stops does the tour make?
We make quite a few stops to see the places we’ve planned to visit and others to go to the bathroom from time to time.

How will the babies go on the bus?
Babies don’t have to pay for this excursion and will go on their parents’ lap.

Fuerteventura day trip


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