Lanzarote excursion to LagOmar, Jameos del Agua, Aloe Vera Plantation and the Cesar Manrique Foundation (optional)

On this excursion through Northern Lanzarote, enjoy a journey that captures the personality of the region and discover part of the legacy left by the great artist Cesar Manrique.

We will begin our tour by travelling through the scenery of La Geria, the island’s vineyard region par excellence. In this territory, which is of volcanic origin, the vines are grown semi-submerged between small volcanic rocks and protected by the wind by walls of even larger volcanic rocks. This is one of the most ingenious examples of how man is capable of using every last resource offered by nature to his advantage.
Protected landscape of La Geria
That is precisely what the great artist César Manrique admired about the island’s farmers, and that’s why he built the Monumento al Campesino (Monument to the Farmer) in the geographic centre of Lanzarote. It is where we will make our first stop of the day, and where you can also take photos and visit the house of the monument, which we can enter in order to get something to eat in its cafeteria.
Monument to the peasant of César Manrique
We will continue our route by visiting another work designed by César Manrique: Lagomar House. This house, which was owned by the actor Omar Sharif, is one of the island’s most impressive residences, since it is embedded in a mountain quarry.
Lagomar House
As the story goes, the actor Omar Sharif (famous for his role as Doctor Zhivago) was in Lanzarote filming The Mysterious Island. On one of his trips around Lanzarote, he discovered this house and fell completely in love with it, so much so that he bought it. However, only a day later, he used it as a wager while playing cards and lost it. That did not prevent it from being known thereafter as the Omar Sharif House, also known as Lagomar House.
House of Omar Shariff in Lanzarote
Our next visit will allow us to get to know Los Jameos del Agua, César Manrique’s masterpiece. The jameos are the gaps naturally created in the volcanic tunnel, which originated after the eruption of the Corona Volcano more than 4,000 years ago. This volcanic tube is below sea level, which means that water from the nearby ocean is filtered here and has formed an underground lake, creating spectacular and unique scenery.
Cave of Los Jameos del Agua
César Manrique knew that combining nature and art in this place would turn it into one of the most visited and emblematic places in the Canary Islands. Thus, we will enjoy his vision with the three jameos, the small interior lake, the gardens, the underground auditorium, the artificial pool and the volcano museum. You can also take the opportunity to see part of the volcanic tunnel known as the Tunnel of Atlantis, or get to know the small albino, blind and endemic crabs that inhabit the lake and that are popularly known as “los jameitos.”
Auditorium of Lanzarote in Los Jameos Swimming pool in Los Jameos del Agua
We will continue our route by heading toward our next stop: an aloe vera farm that grows the Barbadenses miller species, the type of aloe most beneficial for health. During this visit we will discover the characteristics of this plant, its medicinal properties and why Lanzarote is one of the best places to cultivate this type of aloe.
Visit an Aloe Vera estate in Lanzarote
We will eat lunch in a restaurant before continuing with our excursion through the island. Although the food is not included in the price of the excursion, you can get a menu from the guide once on the bus.

After eating, we will go to the Lookout of the Helechos, from where we can observe the northern coast of Lanzarote and its most well-known towns: Arrieta, Punta Mujeres and Haría.
Vistas desde el mirador de Los Helechos
Our final stop on the tour is the César Manrique Foundation House. Although this visit is optional and its entrance (8 euros) is not included in the price of the excursion, we recommend going inside what was once this great artist’s house. Much of his work is displayed there, and he was always inspired by much of the scenery that we have seen throughout our route.
Artworks by César Manrique Cesar Manrique Foundation
This house stands over five volcanic bubbles, where all of the talent of this world-famous Lanzarotan can be appreciated. It’s the most suitable finale for our guided tour of the landscapes in Northern Lanzarote: lands, towns, crops and houses that definitely have a unique and captivating charm, which you will have discovered.

Jameos del Agua


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